Scentwork Enrichment

For Highly Aroused Dogs

Are you walking your dog for miles in the hope you can use up his energy but he’s just getting busier? Perhaps you throw a ball for hours at a time, but your dog just wants more and more? Maybe your dog is so full of energy, lacks focus and is hard to handle?

There is an answer and it might not be the one you expect.

Sniffing, scentwork and brain games will settle your dog and meet his psychological needs. It’s great fun too.

Written by a former military search dog trainer this book will show you how to teach search and scentwork, to settle your energetic and aroused dog, making all your lives easier.

You will learn:

Why your dog gets aroused and is so busy.
Why choice is so important for your dog.
Why more walks may be counter-productive to relaxation for your dog.
How to teach your dog to truly relax.
Why mental stimulation is so important.
How to introduce and use a marker to teach your dog new skills.
How to teach your dog to touch and retrieve any item on cue.
How your dog’s nose works and what scent actually is.
The nature of canine enrichment and why we use it.
How to provide easy and free life enrichment for your dog.
How to teach your dog to use his nose in easy steps.
How to reach your dog to recognise a specific scent.
Easy steps to take your dog from scent recognition to carrying out a full area search.

And much more.

This book is free with my Good Guardianship Online Course which you can see here.