Easy Walks

With Reactive Dogs


Perhaps your dog is really distracted and never interacts with you?

Maybe he’s looking for something in the distance all the time?

We seem to be within an era of canine reactive behaviour. Our dogs can’t cope socially and we don’t know how to help them, so walks become difficult to go on.

We might dread taking our dog out because of the responses others give to his behaviour, or how worried it makes him.

We might sneak out, cartoon like, at 3am every day when the rest of the world is in bed.

We have reached a point in our dog guardian evolution where we descriptively state “I have a reactive dog” to a sympathetic listener, who truly understands what we mean.

Within this book we will look deeper at reactive behaviour and cover the coaching steps that can help you to overcome the internal response that causes the observable reaction. We go through the learning theory steps that educated professionals use to coach dogs who react. It’s not all about your dog though, we also consider how you can shift your perspective, to make walking easier all round.

This book is free with my Good Guardianship Online Course which you can see here.