Good Dog Behaviour

Through Positive Canine Coaching

Are you wondering how you can teach your dog new and helpful behaviours. Perhaps you want to empower your friend and use positive methods for excellent results? Maybe you’re confused by all the different dog training methods out there and don’t know where to start?

Welcome to the world of Canine Coaching, teaching great skills through excellent choices.

You will learn:

The skills behind dynamic and effective canine coaching.
How your dog learns.
The neuroscience of excellent learning.
Why pressure can prevent learning.
The most recent scientific awareness of your dog’s mind.
How to best motivate your dog.
To teach your dog to focus on you.
How to use a marker for positive reinforcement.
How to teach your dog excellent new skills.
How to read your dog’s body language accurately.
How to recognise when your dog is confused.
How to generalise your dog’s good choices.
The ability to teach your dog ten excellent and useful choices – step by step.

And much more.

This book is free with my Good Guardianship Online Course which you can see here.