Fearful Dog Rehabilitation

Life With A Puppy Farm Rescue

The book is based on the real-life rehabilitation of Holly, the writer’s Yorkie and puppy farm survivor. It talks about how she arrived, her healing process and who she is now. Along the way, the writer offers advice and insight into true empathy and understanding. You will learn how Holly unpacked and built her confidence in a new and safe home after spending six years as a puppy farm parent dog.

The book places focus on how to facilitate an environment where even the most emotionally traumatised dog can begin to heal and sparkle, simply because they feel safe, sometimes for the first time ever.

Part inspiration and part education, within the book you will learn:

Recognition of learned helplessness in a dog.
How to properly observe without pressure.
Why observation and choices are so important.
How to build and reinforce resilience.
Tasks for growing self-confidence.
The importance of problem solving and enrichment.
Why less is more when helping a dog to heal.
How important the tiny signs of confidence are.
How to coach a fearful dog without adding to their fear.

This is a book delivered directly from the heart. You will finish reading it with a round of emotional applause for Holly the tiny survivor. Along the way you will gather a range of genuinely useful and accessible tools, which will aid understanding and empower you to help any scared dog who you encounter.

This book is free with my Good Guardianship Online Course which you can see here.