Inspiring Resilience

In Fearful and Reactive Dogs

Does your dog bark at everyone he sees? Are you trying hard to settle your dog on frantic, noisy walks? Do you live with canine reactivity and wish you could turn things around? Are you looking for a solution and guidance to properly help your worried best friend? This book will help you.

GBP 5.99 (including 20% VAT)

Fearful Dog Rehabilitation

Life With A Puppy Farm Rescue

Are you looking for a book that helps you truly understand canine fear and learned helplessness? Would you like to help a scared dog but they seem so shut-down and unresponsive? This book will help you.


GBP 5.99 (including 20% VAT)

Canine Communication

The Language of a Species

Why do you need this book? As humans, we already have an entire range of listening blocks with each other, so with dogs with a completely different language. So, how do we even manage to communicate at all? We put in the effort to learn their language. 

GBP 5.99 (including 20% VAT)

Good Dog Behaviour

Through Positive Canine Coaching

Are you wondering how you can teach your dog new and helpful behaviours. Perhaps you want to empower your friend and use positive methods for excellent results? This book will help you. 

GBP 5.99 (including 20% VAT)

Easy Walks

With Reactive Dogs

Welcome! I suspect you’re here because your dog walks are not as enjoyable as you would like them to be. This book will help you.

GBP 5.99 (including 20% VAT)

Scentwork Enrichment

For Highly Aroused Dogs

Are you walking your dog for miles in the hope you can use up his energy but he’s just getting busier? There is an answer and it might not be the one you expect.


GBP 5.99 (including 20% VAT)