There Will Always Be Critics But You Will Always Be Capable!

Sometimes we find that life runs off ahead of us and we end up somewhere we hadn’t planned, or even if we planned it, we hadn’t thought it through. A love and respect for dogs has taken me to the position of businesswoman. I don’t see myself as businesswomen, I never have and I have never wanted to be.

It happened because I love dogs and want to support people who love dogs too – to help people to chase their dreams. The desperate need to ensure dogs are cared for properly, given the freedoms they deserve and protected from badness is at the fundamental roots of my work.

A close second is not seeing people pushed by society into believing they have to do something that doesn’t speak to their heart. That they have to fit in and work hard enough that one day they can afford to do what they really want to do. My message is that you can do what you want to do now – there is a way to make everything, absolutely everything pay the bills. Throw your heart’s desire at me and I’ll give you an idea to make it pay enough that you can follow it.

Most people I meet (usually online admittedly because I lurk in online dog circles through necessity) want to do something with dogs. Most want to base that on kindness and knowledge, most people I encounter have goodness to dogs at the centre of their goals. Sadly though we are a complicated bunch, we become products of parents who try to slow us down, parents who want us to be safe more than they want us to feel alive. Or even worse – those who doubt our ability to achieve, openly, which affects or self-belief enough that we don’t even try.

For probably 35 or even 40 years of my life I started things and never finished them. I had so little self-belief that I hid from finishing something in case it wasn’t good enough. I have always felt like my work is a bit crapper than anyone else’s. I have always felt like an imposter on a massive scale. Then over the last 5 years or so something happened. I stopped worrying about what I had been taught about my own capacity to succeed and started just doing my best – for dogs mainly but also for their people.

There will always be someone to tell you you’re doing it wrong. I had two messages only yesterday, Sunday no less whilst I was gardening. One telling me a meme I had created was spelled wrong and another stating that not everyone believed in evolution, so I shouldn’t reference people related to apes in my work. (I ignored them both if you're wondering)

When you put yourself out there, there will be people who criticise. They might be close to you or they might be strangers but they will come. They will be balanced though, or even overwhelmed by people who you really help, who tell you that they have learned so much from you, and with dogs who learned to trust people – just because your efforts showed them how. Overall the good will always outweigh the oddness of online criticisers, I promise you that.

If you’re still reading my point is this, you can do whatever you want to do. You can achieve your personal legend (a little nod to The Alchemist) and even if it looks scary now, you can make a start and go forward to a point you never believed you would reach. You just have to wave away the naysayers like they are irritating gnats, look for those shining bright snippets of ideas that come your way and take a step then another step in the right direction.

Seriously guys, if I (little me with no self-esteem and a whole load of self-doubt) can be considered in the same sentence as businesswoman – you can do anything you want. And the more you try, the more you will believe you can do and the more you WILL do I promise.

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