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Online Arguing! (What a Waste of Energy)

It can be easy to get annoyed and irritated by people online, yet it truly doesn’t serve us. Why allow strangers into your home and your mind, particularly strangers you would never have in your life otherwise? 

“Online arguments can become extremely heated. When you consider it through the lens of mind management we have covered, the online argument consists of emotional hijacking all over the world. The energy associated with fury towards strangers, based on words on a screen is pointless. If you’re tempted to get involved in a row online, switch off and do something else instead – because no-one wins these things and the energy involved with them is dark and damaging.

Social media is an amazing opportunity; use it wisely and to your best possible benefit. In the wise words of activist and comedienne Franchesca Ramsey:

“The Internet is part of my job, so I have to approach it with a level of professionalism. I don't necessarily think it's changed who I am, but if anything, it's impacted the opportunities that have come into my life and the people that I've been able to develop relationships with - which I'm very fortunate and thankful for”.

If you take the good bits from the internet and leave the rest, you will benefit greatly.

Excerpt From: Sally Gutteridge. “Dog Professional’s Survival Guide.” iBooks.

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