It's Magic! (Or Is It)

The Law of Attraction is a term that describes the idea that what we think about, will manifest in our lives. 

I have read a million books on the topic, practiced it for years and witnessed it in my own life and the lives of others. Simplified and sold by a big industry built around it, this model for living can be as disappointing as any other quick fix. The let-down though is not based on the model but on the approach.  

In my personal and professional experience, this stuff works. As efficiently as gravity it works, as reliably as breathing. I don’t know how or why, there’s some talk of quantum physics (the study of the tiny). There’s certainly gathering evidence telling us that how we feel affects the cellular health in our bodies or perhaps it’s all just magic?

The reason I say success is based on the approach is because our minds are wild. Without first knowing your mind, you cannot put this model into action. We can’t just ask and receive if we are living with self-doubt, complaining, judging others and focusing then telling the world how ill or dissatisfied we are. If it’s delivered in a package of dissatisfaction, that tiny moment of positive thinking, that tiny gleam of hope won’t be singled out because you want it to be. There’s no ethereal being waiting for your single good thought and teasing it into your existence. That well-meaning affirmation will get lost in all the other stuff you’re putting out there too. And with certainty the whole deal is what you will get back! 

If your world around you is jumbled as stressful in the long term, you can be pretty sure that’s based on the state of your mind. If your world is a pleasant place to be in, that’s because you understand your mind and realise – even subconsciously - that your world is in many ways dictated by how you see it. 

So maybe it’s not magic, or maybe self-belief and knowing yourself entirely IS magic. Nonetheless what you live in your mind will appear in your life time and again. This happens because, quite frankly, without being careful with your thoughts you (and your life) are a slave to the randomness of your mind. 

Start your journey with self-knowledge, self-esteem and awareness of your thoughts and I promise that the world around you will follow.

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