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Imagine How Dogs Must Feel.

Living in our homes and our lives with us, carrying around their huge hearts, offering lots of pure love, while we are engrossed in our screens and distractions.

Let’s see our friends as the precious lives that they are, really see them.

Their gaze as they look at us, oft unnoticed.

Their smile as we meet their eye.

That tiny wag of a sweet tail.

Dogs are a gift beyond all proportions.

They offer a friendship beyond which any human can provide.

Imagine how it must feel to be with us and present, while we are distracted and numbing.

How they can offer us play and fulfilment, while we are choosing the superficial world around us.

Dogs can teach us to slow right down and feel, to breathe in the fresh air and be aware that we are doing it.

They teach us that reality is within the moment we occupy right now, not the next one or the one after that.

They show us that life is here and now, that it’s ok to sit with our discomfort. That it’s fine just to be.

Dogs are so humble yet so great.

Let's never walk by them without acknowledging that. Let's never stare through them.

Imagine how dogs must feel.

-Sally Gutteridge


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2 commentaires

Beautiful and very thought provoking for a world that is so full of busyness. How we need to learn what our dogs can teach us. We're so eager to teach them what we feel they need to learn, but how desperately we need to learn what they so freely offer to teach.

En réponse à

Thank you Steve - they can teach us so much if we would just let them xx

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