How Do You Feel - Why Not Ask Your Dog?

Whilst we are working on the understanding between ourselves and our dogs, we must acknowledge the presence of energy. Energetic presence has such a huge influence over our lives, communication and relationships.

Let’s look at it from the outside in. The body is made up of tangible matter. It’s solid and we can feel and touch it. Inside the body are systems made of organs and tissues, inside those are cells, inside the cells are molecules and molecules are made of atoms. The only thing smaller than atoms are subatomic particles, which are made up of energy. The smaller we go, the less real we are.

As we can’t see it we are often tempted to disregard energic influence. Which is odd considering that we accept thunderstorms, electricity and solar power. They are energy so tangible that it makes things happen that we can see, We can switch a light on because we buy the use of energy that someone has learned to harness from the endless flow within our environment. We accept energy out there in the world, because it’s normal – yet we disregard energy within us as pseudo-science, because we can’t see it. Doesn’t that strike you as a little odd?

Entrainment is the name given to energetic influence and change through the strongest vibration and is accepted pretty much as fact. Biologists acknowledge that crickets chirp in unison, fireflies entrain their lights and mosquitos entrain their wing frequencies. Brainwaves of people are known to entrain, and physicists tell us that entrainment occurs because small amounts of energy are passed between two systems (for example you and your dog) providing enough energetic feedback to bring one vibration in line with the strongest of the two. When the alignment through entrainment is achieved the necessary vibrational feedback ceases.

The interesting thing about entrainment is that it’s always occurring. If you’re sensitive to energy you may feel it quite deeply. For example, you may have a shared experience with a group of people, where your vibrations entrain and make you feel different.  Being in a crowd at an excellent music event is entrainment. Think of a time where the band wasn’t quite ready but there was a fizzle of excitement, everyone was happy in anticipation. At the end of the gig everyone in the room has a shared experience, they are connected because their energy entrained and if you have experienced that you won’t be able to properly describe it in words, because it’s deeper than words. The crowd – even of thousands – became one energy force and for that two or three hours were one. That’s why an experience like that is so powerful, it's why excellent performers are so powerful – because they have such an amazing energetic presence that they can entrain everyone else in the room to their vibration. Which is why it’s really important to watch our own energy.

You and I are energetic forces. We create energy and send it out into the world every minute of every day. Our dogs feel our energy and it heavily influences their experience of us.

The strongest vibration in any area will affect all others in the area. Any strong emotion will become an influence on everyone sharing a space with them. If you have ever met someone who is often impatient with others you will notice something interesting, strangers tend to look at them twice or more. People have an impulse to keep checking out the the person who brings that energy into the space they share and they might not even know why. The more attuned a person is with their own energy, the more of a need they will have to check out the person with the strong, unsettling vibration.

Our dogs are no different, they will focus on the strongest vibration in their immediate ecosystem too. If we become tense around them, our dogs energy will feel it immediately and they will start to show their own energy change in their behaviour.

Think about times when you have been sad, how has your dog behaved? Consider a time you have felt stressed, frustrated or explosive, what did your dog do? How are your daily mood patterns?

Why not ask your dog?

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