Holly - Resilience in a Tiny Package

The vet recently said Holly looked like she had just come from a wild party weekend in Vegas. Holly is like me; we seem destined to look a bit ragged and dazed by life.

The difference between us is that Holly was born in a puppy farm and spent the first six years of her life there.

Being bred from.

And she’s tiny, really, really small.

But she’s brave.

I look at her many times a day and marvel at her resilience.

I love that she doesn’t have to fight for anything or go hungry or be scared of people.

I love that she gets a comfy bed and an excellent meal.

She is scared, though.

A scared little dog with a habitual flinch and a ready cringe.

She doesn’t do it much to me anymore, not every day anyway.

She does to many people, though.

And it makes me wonder.

How did Holly get to be so scared?

That she’s still scared nearly six years after she arrived.

Did they really, badly hurt her?

Did they show her no kindness at all?

Did they just ignore her until they wanted to take her puppies away again and again?

Did she try to protect those puppies and eventually give up?

What has she been through, this little dog?

And what’s wrong with our species that she went through it at all?

And why can the same species cause her pain and heal her pain?

Puppy farm survivor dogs are such a blessing. They don’t want to be any trouble. All they need is a safe space. Holly is a bright little sunbeam of survival who has escaped from a scary and brutal world.

She made it!

If you would like to get to know Holly better, she has a book!

Just Click the Picture!

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