• Sally Gutteridge

Embrace Bad Reviews - They Are A Reminder of Your Goodness!

Sharing something you made with the world is scary as hell. It’s opening your heart up to target practice. For some reason, we find a bad review far more distracting than ten or more good ones. We focus on one opinionated stranger, way more than we should. 

Here’s an important fact about where we place our attention. 

We humans have a limited ability to focus. The attention of our conscious mind is like one strong torch that can only point its light in one direction at any given time. So, if we focus on the opinion of a stranger, who might be having a bad day (or even a bad life) we take precious focus off the achievement itself. 

Creation IS achievement

There are a number of stages involved when we create something. First it drifts into our minds, the wisp of an idea, if we accept it, the idea grows. We then start the creative process. We take the idea from its wispy beginnings to solid hard work. We invest emotions, toil, sweat and tears into our idea until it becomes tangible. It becomes something we can touch and properly share.  

Taking that idea from thought to existence is brave, it’s admirable and it’s sitting in a room on your own telling yourself you can – whilst that little voice in your mind taunts that you can’t. Turning an idea to form is fighting the part of your mind that chatters about failure. You are fighting an inner dialogue endlessly insisting  that you’re not good, clever, competent or even nice enough. 

Creation takes you out of hiding and into the light. When you create, people are going to look at you, they are going to judge your work and some people think it’s ok to be brutal. Yet (and herein lies the lesson) if someone goes beyond kindness to criticise and they receive even a tiny bit of your precious attention, you give away your achievements. You let their lack of gracious reflection steal all the time, effort and courage you have invested into your idea. This happens without fail - because you can’t shine your light on both. 

So, be careful with your torch my friends! It’s the only thing that really matters. 

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