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Dogs Needs and Breeds

With ear bursting yaps and grumbling snores, the dogs run this place with iron fist paws.

Their requirements are met, and they’re a bunch of dog glee. It’s lucky for them; we know dogs should speak free. Dogs weren’t companions or owned toys; they chose to join humans with our insistent noise. They were free canids once, who became our friends. Then we fiddled and diddled them into different ends. We made pugs who can’t breathe, bulldogs who are sore. We created Cavaliers so poorly we can diddle them no more.

We have Collies obsessed with herding up cars, where life on the sofa could be life on Mars.

We have fiddled and diddled hundreds of breeds, and we can’t possibly blame them. We created their needs. Biology matters; genes make their drives, our dogs learn and inherit, which we can see when we’re wise. Teach your Collie gentle herding, your Dachshund to dig, and learn to love your terrier’s bark.

Don’t let TV trainers say your dog is naughty. Why allow a poor trainer to steal your dog’s happy? Instead, find the good ones, the learned and wise. Invest in professionals who see through your dog’s eyes. Learn why they exist and how their genes talk, then meet some of those needs on your next walk.

Dogs are so different when we meet their needs. To find what your dog likes, look into their breed. You will find something so special, more than a dog strictly trained; you will fill your dog’s heart by using their brain.

Final and critical, do remember their age. Dogs’ lives are so short, and in ours, just a stage. One day they’ll be old. One day they’ll be gone. On that one day, without a doubt, you will want to hang on.

So let them be free, let them speak out, give them your graciousness, don’t always shush when they shout.

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