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Diet Matters! Maybe More Than You Think

It could be easy to think that food is checked and double checked for its effect on our bodies and minds. I mean, who would want to sell things that may make us ill, unhappy or toxic inside.

Here’s a wake-up call. Most of the people that sell us food for ourselves and our dogs don’t give a hoot about our health or the health of our dogs.

So often things don’t even resemble food. The commercial dog food sector is as toxic as the human convenience meals and snacks. Our species is getting fatter and sicker – and we are taking our dogs along for the ride. If you do one thing today make it research. I ask you to think of one food type that you regularly eat – and one that your dog eats – then research what they do in your bodies and to the health of your minds.

Choose your research carefully and use common sense. For example, dried snacks are missing the element we all need to survive – water. High fat snacks cause fat in the body which captures nutrients before they get to their destination – the cells. Anything with toxins that can be avoided will cause every cell to swell with water retention, whilst our bodies try desperately to dilute the toxins.

Just because they sell it and we can buy it – doesn’t mean that we should. People that sell us crap disguised as food have a preoccupation with money, the health of our nation shows the state of our diets. Our dogs are suffering with psychological and physical health issues which in many cases can be traced right back to their diets.

Much of today's ' food' is sold for bank balance not health, dog and human food alike. It's addictive and packed with toxins. Remember that food is predominantly fuel and ask yourself, how kind is your dog’s fuel and how healthy is yours?

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