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Be Big, Bold, Wild & Be You!

Do you avoid change, study or things that will enhance your life because you are scared it won’t work out? Perhaps you have been stuck in a soul-destroying 9 to 5 for years and would love a complete career change, perhaps you would love to work with dogs? Does money worry you and how often do you hear yourself saying “I can’t”?

We live in a society that fuels this insecurity. Perhaps you learned that a job working for a big company is more secure than a happy life working for yourself doing what you want to do? Maybe you have rent to pay, a mortgage, bills and think that you’re stuck in a job until retirement and can’t wait until that day? Maybe you leave your dogs all day long wishing you could work at home ( I did that for years thinking there was no other choice).

Here’s my heartfelt promise to you. If you have something you want to be doing with your life and are prepared to go in that direction, you can and will make it happen. The only thing stopping you is your conditioning.

We can choose to live in one of two ways. We can be a victim to everything outside of us or we can take control. Whichever we choose, will change the world we live in, here’s why.

Everything in the outside world that we experience goes through a filtering system. That filtering system is within us and it is based on our experiences of life so far, along with our personalities and mindsets – even a little evolved paranoia.

The filter decides whether we can trust people or not, whether we should be angry at people or not and whether we can succeed or not. If it decides we can’t trust people and that we are not able to succeed or even be safe, the world is (in our reality) a dangerous place. If we grew up growing a filter of society’s rules we can waste precious opportunities living underneath a belief that we can’t take any risks. If we believe starting a business or going self-employed is unsafe, without questioning it our filter will hinder us for the rest of our lives. We may always exist and never really live.

The truth is though that you have potential well beyond anything you may have seen in yourself so far. If you have dogs in your heart, create your niche and go for it. If you have writing in your heart, write for half an hour a day and work at it, you will see how wonderful you are at it. Take some risks, get out of your comfort zone, listen to your heart and not your monkey mind and filter ganging up on you to comply and stay safe.

Be the real, wild, refreshing, confident, risk taking, unique you!

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