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This Course Is For You If...

  • You're thinking about getting your first dog and want to give them a good life. 

  • You're finding it hard to bond with your dog or you feel like they ignore you. You feel like you don't connect.

  • You are having trouble communicating to your dog what you expect from them, in a way they understand. 

  • You can't seem to change your dog's behaviour for the better or you think your dog is naughty and don't know how to stop them. 

  • You are confused by the huge number of dog training methods and advice available on how to look after and teach your dog. 
  • You feel stressed by your dog's behaviour and don't know what to do.

  • You have been told to punish your dog by someone who is considered an expert but it doesn't feel right.

  • Your time is limited and you would love to be an excellent dog guardian, by learning the required skills easily and quickly.

  • You want to be ethical and kind with your dog but at the same time their behaviour frustrates you.

  • You like excellent value and would like a lifetime of updated dog focussed lessons, in line with the latest science and ethics, only paying once.

What Will I Learn?

Discover the 3 pillars of a successful relationship with your dog, all delivered in bite sized chunks for easy learning and positive change.
Prepare to be amazed by the power of a positive, ethical, force-free, reward based life with your best friend.


Just some of the tweaks you will learn from this course...


We all know how to spot the obvious body language. Delve deeper and understand the subtle ways that your dog tells you how they feel. Learn why they need space, and how to easily respond to their requests. 

How Your Dog Learns

All dogs have an amazing capacity to learn when they are set up to succeed. Positive Canine Coaching works wonders by teaching your dog new skills and changing unhelpful behaviours while also building trust and friendship.. 

Your Dog's Needs

Get to the heart of dogs and learn how to recognise and meet their individual needs. Provide safe opportunities to practice natural dog behaviour, while also creating enriching experiences that build confidence and reduce fear.


Did I Mention The Freebies?

I understand lifetime access to The Good Guardian's Guide, containing over 50 bite sized lessons of all things dog, might not be enough. Even the most up to date, ethical and scientific dog care (which naturally leads to positive behaviour change) delivered directly to your phone, tablet or laptop might need that something extra.

Sign up today and you will also receive 3 FREE gifts to help you and your dog.

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Develop new, positive habits with fun, easy tasks for you and your dog. 10 steps to good dog behaviour through positive canine coaching. 

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Take your dog's learning to another level with 10 more steps that grow their resilience and create positive change for worrying behaviours. 

FREE eBook #3 

Discover the awesome power of a dog's nose and provide enrichment when you teach your dog to search in 10 easy steps.

Let's Recap

  • Settled and Happy Dogs
  • Build Lasting Bonds
  • Positive, Force Free Lessons
  • Understand How Dog's Learn
  • Discover Your Dog's Individual Needs
  • Bitesize Daily Guidance
  • FREE Course Updates
  • Lifetime Course Access
  • 3 FREE eBooks
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