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Ground and Create

  • 27Participants


This is a three session recorded live foundation program of self-awareness and safety for dog people who have untapped potential to make a massive difference, but who have picked up some personal stuff along the way that’s telling them they can’t. If you're yearning to make a difference for dogs but find fear holding you back, or if you have brilliant ideas but doubt your ability to bring them to life, then this program is tailored for you. It's for those who have a passion for helping dogs but lack the confidence to step into action. If you're experiencing burnout and sadness over the challenges facing dogs, or if your inner critic keeps you feeling stuck, this is for you. Take my virtual hand, friends, because together, we will uncover your potential and show you how to bring it boldly into the world. I'll guide you through understanding why your contributions matter, help you navigate the details, and empower you to create beauty with an open heart. So, let's set aside the hustle and bustle for now. You and I are going on a journey of discovery, and who knows where it will lead us.



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