Three Dogs I Dread Seeing In Summer!


It’s that time of year again. The sun comes out, everyone is a bit happier, and we all start to enjoy longer days and walking without our coats. It’s also the time of year that people start to be silly with their dogs.

British people are slow on the uptake. Three days into a heatwave and we are often still wearing our woollies. That’s fine though, we can take our coats off, but our dogs can’t, yet we still insist on carrying on as normal with them. This week alone I have seen numerous dogs that make my heart ache. The poor dogs of summer, with the thoughtless people who drag them through life as usual, despite it being way too warm for them.

So here are the dogs I dread seeing in summer.


Dogs in Parked Cars

Dogs in hot cars can die in 6 minutes-even with the windows cracked. That should be enough for anyone to leave the dog at home, but it’s not. People are still sticking their dog in the car to do their shopping. We are still discovering hot dogs in cars over and over again. If you’re an aware and awake dog person you will relate to this next paragraph.

When we find a dog in a hot car, our hearts sink. We first assess the dog. Are they panting, are they struggling? Often, they are so, we call the police, because someone has to look out for the poor dog – then it’s pretty common to get abused by the dog’s guardians. No-one wants to have their shopping trip turn into being swore at by strangers, but when we see a dog suffering, we have to do something. We can’t ignore suffering when we see it, so we take the swearing.

“It’s extremely concerning that despite all of our campaigning, dog owners are still ignoring our warnings and risking their pets’ lives by leaving them alone in cars on warm days. How many more dogs need to die befo

Walking in Midday Heat

It’s crazy how many people walk their dogs on hot pavements, on hot days, at midday. How someone can live with a dog yet not tell how hot they are, and not want to help them out of their heat caused distress is beyond comprehension. Just today, it wasn’t sunny but very warm, and I saw two dogs doing shuttle runs at the wrong end of a ball launcher – one showing all the signs of heat stress.

Taken For a Run or Cycle

This is terrifying to see, people actually run their dogs in the heat. I have even seen dogs with gaping mouths and long, stretched out tongues running alongside bikes. They might be super fit dogs, but heatstroke kills super fit dogs too. It only takes the blood temperature to go one degree above its ability to cope, to kill a dog.

Download this infographic from Vets Now.

Be Better (For Dog's Sake) 

It’s such a terrible shame for dogs when the people who are in charge of their wellbeing let them down. Taking them out in the heat and expecting them to exercise is unfair. Shutting them in a hot car that becomes an oven in less than 10 minutes, that’s cruelty. Blaming someone else for pointing it out – that’s just ridiculous.

So, let’s be a bit more aware, a bit more awake and better all round at considering our dogs and what’s good for them. And I promise you, without the shadow of a doubt that heatstroke and heat exhaustion isn’t.

If you want to learn more about being an excellent dog guardian, check out my online course on Good Guardianship. 


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