How Dog Walks Benefit YOU



Try as we might, we can’t deny that humas are animals too. That we are not aside from nature but smack bang in the middle of it. Not only are we nature but we are one of the most destructive parts of it. And yet, we are one of the gentlest parts of it too, based entirely how we live and what we value as individuals.

Who we become and the effects we have, that really depends on every choice we make!

Human & Nature Bond

Sir David Attenborough tells us that it was farming which transformed the relationship between humankind and nature. We learned to control the environment around us and instead of living in harmony with it, we began to make that control the centre of our existence. We had access to everything we needed and more if we were to harmonise within the environment. We are a long way passed that now, but thankfully, we also now know and can do something about it. 

Humans have an amazing bond with all of nature, because we are part of it. We are affiliated with nature, even if we have forgotten that we are. At the time of writing this we are coming to the end of a full year in lockdown within the UK and Chris Packham tells us that so many people have rediscovered how the wellness we can find in nature has been rediscovered by so many. Woodland walks, time with trees they have all been proven time and again to help with human mental health issues. So, we have to ask why have we moved away from it at all, and why are we so taken by consumerism when all that we need for wellness is on our gardens and local walking routes?


Living with dogs who need walks is a huge health benefit for us. Particularly if we ethically and empathetically work to make sure our dogs’ lives are as interesting as possible. One day we might walk around the local park and the next drive to a woodland nearby. We need to make the most of these times though, for them to have the greatest effect.

We need to facilitate walks to benefit our dogs, yet we can also manage our own responses and choices to ensure that we too get more from the daily trips and walks with our dogs than just knowing our dog has been exercised.

Dogs can teach us a lot on walks. Where they sniff, where they slow down, dig or munch a little plant matter are all signs that they are enjoying the environment and being in the moment. In ethical dog care we often draw attention to the dog’s ability to sniff and explore the area with their nose. We know the importance of sniffing to them. we know that they need this freedom and choice. Ask yourself though, how often do you slow down to that pace, allowing your dog to not only guide you to meet their physical and psychological needs but also to meet your own? When did you last really appreciate the wonder of a tree waking for the spring or a perfectly formed wildflower? You should because it’s all part of you and you part of it, which is pretty special wouldn’t you say?


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