7 (Not) Surprising Things That DogParents Do

We are not dog parents I know this, but sometimes it can feel like the dog is a long-term toddler and that we are indeed parenting them. So, let’s take a look at what us dog guardians do on a regular basis, and what we do for dogs that we wouldn’t for anyone else.

We Like Their Snoring & Chewing

Snoring and chewing from our dogs meant that they are enjoying a rest or enjoying a meal. Snoring or chewing from our significant other is bad manners and infuriating. Why is that?

Wash Their Shizzy Bums

The number of times I find myself washing the posterior of Mr Chips and singing “the things we do for love” in a week could not be counted on both of your hands. A lady walked by once whilst I was wiping his rump with grass and commented that she normally uses a dock leaf. The language of dogparenting is universal it seems.

Act Like Butlers, Chefs & Waiters

Obsessed with their health and their taste buds with an urge to give them as much choice as possible then iced with some food issues of my own – leads to fussy dogs. I must be the only vegan (apart from the dogdad) who buys organic steak for their dogs – or am I?

Overlook Unusual Mouth Findings

Have you ever got dog eye gunk somehow into your mouth. It expands. Dogdad the other day told me he had one of our little Pom’s hairs wrapped around his front tooth and had to unwind it to remove it. And he’s allergic to dogs!

Stop Hearing Their Hollering

I find myself sitting at my PC writing something really important and -not missing a beat - vaguely calling out “OK thank you” to the chaos around me because someone closed a car door 3 streets away!

Share Our Food

Even the bits we are really, really enjoying. Because they can’t get into the kitchen and cook the crispy delicious end of a roast potato for themselves can they – so it’s only fair!

We Let Them Be Brats – And Laugh At Them

Our 14 year old dog Vinny has started some strange behaviours. He runs at people on walks and when he gets there – poos. He also tries to trip strangers up by acting like they are not there but diverting to walk right in front of them at the last minute and has recently developed the most awful habit. He goes outside for his poo and comes back in, sits on the plush rug, catches your eye and wipes his bum.

Seriously, he does that!

Please tell me your dog does something worse!


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