7 Benefits To Adopting An Older Dog

Everyone loves puppies, yet like babies it’s often nice to give them back. It is startling that many people don’t realise how much work a puppy is and are surprised that they act like babies. The puppy years can be avoided altogether by adopting an older dog instead. So, Let’s take a look at the 7 benefits of adopting an older dog.

They Appreciate You More

When a dog has become homeless they tend to be a bit more aware of the people who loved them enough to offer them a space. The look in the eyes of a rescued dog is slightly different to that of a dog who has always been safe and loved.

Older Dogs Are Settled

Not always but generally speaking an older dog will be a little more self-contained and settled. They pick things up more easily because they have usually learned them before.

You Get To Mend A Broken Heart

If you have ever been in a rescue centre or shelter you will know what I mean. The air is tangible with sadness and abandonment sticks with a dog for a long time. Even if their previous guardian passed away, the dog still suffers. What better way to make your own time on earth count by mending a broken heart or two?

You Don’t Have To Go Through All The Icky Puppy Stuff

Chewing, peeing, teething, pooing are all baby behaviours that we should always expect when we bring a baby home, whatever the species. So, while an older dog may have a couple of accidents, generally they take much less housetraining work than a puppy and their teeth are already through.

No Challenging Adolescence

Every dog goes through adolescence just as every human does. If you adopt a dog older than 2 years you can avoid that altogether and build a relationship with a dog who has passed through adolescence and come out the other side.

Rescued Dogs Are Usually Good Dogs

I hear it a lot, “I need a puppy because I can’t trust a rescue dog” but in all honesty you can’t guarantee who a puppy is going to grow up to be either. Dogs are a mixture of genes and experiences. This is true whether the come from a rescue or a breeder. All my dogs are rescued, and the easiest ones have been from the worst situations. Yes they have needed emotional care and support but have been so worth it.

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Your Lifechanging Dog Is Probably in Rescue

The number of times I have heard “my dog changed my life” is beyond coincidence. In fact, I too have a lifechanging dog who bought me here and made me learn. The thing about rescuing an older dog is that they show you things about yourself that you might not otherwise have noticed, things that you can change to improve your life. We can learn so much from our dogs if we just open our minds and hearts to them. If you’re considering getting a dog be still and quiet for a little bit and you will find your lifechanging dog – and they will probably be in rescue waiting for you.

So, whilst society often tells us that a puppy should be the way we go when adding a dog to the family. I urge you to think again. There are a lot of wonderful older dogs in rescue who have been carefully vetted and will be loving, settled friends for many years to come.


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