7 Things Your Dog Needs To Be Happy

Dog guardianship is an important job but can be difficult at times, especially when we don’t speak their language. We can accidently miss their needs and requests. Here are 7 simple things that will make your dog happy today.  And let’s face it we all want to be happy, including our dogs.

Let Them Sniff

 Sniffing for your dog is like checking your emails for you. We see through our eyes and they see through that amazing nose. By letting them sniff all the interesting things they find on walks, you will enrich your dog’s life.

Let Them Run Their Walks

Something that makes my heart ache is when I see dogs pulled along on walks, never allowed to stop or sniff. It is the dog’s walk, so why not let them choose where they go, and see where they lead you, you might be surprised.

Give Them Choices

Dogs don’t have many choices. They are (in the mildest use of the word) captive to us. By setting up choices for your dog and letting them decide what they would like to do, you are giving them back some authority over their life.

Let Them Succeed

Success will build your dog’s self-esteem, self-belief and resilience. Something simple like basic clicker training will help your dog to succeed and make them much happier because they are getting to use their thinking mind.


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Let Them Forage

Dogs love snuffling, foraging and working to find food. Scatter feeding, a snuffle rug or even food tucked into safe recycling is a great way to get their creativity and success flowing. Remember to make it just within their capacity to succeed. If you make it too hard it will knock their confidence.

Engage With Them

Often we are so busy that we forget to spend some time just being with our dogs. Can you imagine how awful it would be if someone you loved barely ever interacted with you? Soul destroying, so just take a little time a day to be with your dog and focus on them completely.


Play is amazing, not only for dogs but for humans too. Spend some time finding out how your dog likes to play then just putting the world aside for a bit and having a good old, childish, doggish game together.  

None of these things take more than a few minutes and many mean you don’t have to change what you do, just do it differently. A little change will mean the world to your dog, so start implementing these 7 things to make your dog happy, right now.

Image by Rebecca Schönbrodt-Rühl from Pixabay Image by zoegammon from Pixabay  Image by Martine Auvray from Pixabay



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