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Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program is a Six Month, Bespoke Deep Dive into the Place Your Dreams Are Created. 

It's great to learn dog behaviour, coaching and care but if we don't have the self confidence or direction to make that knowledge the centre of our professional lives, we can end up shying away from our best possible future. That's why I created this mentoring program! With a unique range of skills including advanced canine behaviour, business development, personal growth and a touch of magic my own life has gone in the most exciting directions  I could ever imagine. I want to share the lessons, techniques and education (and the magic) with you.

Week One 

  • Introduction to the process. 

  • Membership of a brand new Facebook group only for members. 

  • Printable membership pack. 


  • Printable mentoring materials bespoke to the monthly topic. 

  • Fortnightly dog behaviour videos and post video group discussion.

  • Fortnightly personal and professional growth videos and post video group discussion. 

  • Monthly personal online meeting with Sally. 

Topics Covered 

  • Month One. Identifying your goals and missions. 

  • Month Two. Mindful creativity: creating your life from the inside out. 

  • Month Three. Mind management and the psychology/biology of success. 

  • Month Four. NLP tricks and trials  to map your life and make it happen. 

  • Month Five. Recognise and destroy your deep blocks to wellness and success. 

  • Month Six. Reordering, recapping and moving into the future.  

Often we think we are trapped by our external environment, by money, life’s challenges or much practiced low self-esteem. By the end of this six months – you will know for sure that’s simply not the case. You will know that anything is possible, that you are amazing and that you can achieve anything you want to achieve. 

The  program is an intensive, bespoke six months mentorship that involves monthly information, tasking, videos, and group/one on one discussion. We cover dogs and ourselves in a wonderfully enlightening and empowering journey together. 

The mentorship really is about you, your goals and what you want to achieve. So, it may be predominantly dog focussed, it could be career focussed or a bit of both. For example, you might want to be the best canine coach the world has ever seen, you might want to write a book or open a dog business, you may even want to grow your own self-belief and stop hiding your skills from the world. 

This mentoring program is a practical process to positive change. You will learn a range of skills that will change everything about your experience on earth. Through personal and professional coaching where we work together for your ultimate success. I want to get to know each of you personally as a mentor, coach and friend I am keeping numbers very low. I will only initially work with ten people, so we can expect to become good friends over the time we work together. 

Life is a fun adventure! If you don't recognise that - it's time to do something different! 

There is one space opened up on the program. If you would like to join, click the button below.