5 Symptoms to Watch for in Your Older Dog

If you have an older dog, there are a few different health issues that you need to look for. Knowing the common signs that are seen in these dogs can help you detect them earlier and start treatment earlier.  With any disease, the earlier that you start treatment, the quicker your dog will recover from their illness. The following are common health issues that are seen in a dog.  If your older dog is sick or just not acting right, it would be best for your dog to see your vet right away. The ear…


Do You Love Dogs More Than People?

If you had to choose between saving your dog or another adult human - what would you do? One study showed that a whole third of people would save their dog.

Many research studies have shown that humans love dogs more than people. In fact, humans may even have more empathy towards dogs than they do for other people. People care deeply for their dogs, and it has been shown time and time again during studies. In addition, one researcher has evaluated the empathy levels between humans and their dog…


Is The Domestic Dog Still a Pack Animal?

When people think of a dog social hierarchy, they often think of a dog pack. However, the pack social structure does not necessarily describe the relationship between dogs with other dogs or even with their people. While there is something to say about a dominant structure within a household, it may not be as important as people have thought in the past.

Many canine researchers believe that the domestic dog does not function in the pack unit the same way that its ancestors did. While this notio…